End Of Event Post!

WHAT A NIGHT! It has taken some time for us to recover but we are so proud to announce that with our partnership with HausEnvy Creative Studios, we were able to raise $550 for Wortley Prideey Pride. Thank you to all of our performers and those who attended the show! We couldn't have done it without you: Von Panico, Lita Von Sleaze, @Sheerah Mae Heartt, Oliver Personas, @Eve Hill, Lexi Alexander, @Calypso Cosmic and of course we can not forget the queen of the evening Gal Axy. We would also like to thank our photographers for the event: HausEnvy Creative Studios and Sittingduck_photography Check out the album on our page to see all of their wonderful photos!

The 2024 Great Galaxy Gala

The Great Galaxy Gala is back on and it’s bigger and better than ever before! This year, HausEnvy has partnered with UR Proud to give you an incredible show at The Rec Room London. This event doubles as a fundraiser, with a portion of the ticket sales going to Wortley Pride to support events and programming for our 2SLGBTQIA+ community. 

This show features a stellar line up of local performers, a raffle prize draw, and, get your eating wear on ’cause this show even features a roast!

Hosted by the delusional birthday goddex herself, GLXY (vowels sold separately) this show boasts some of London’s finest (in no particular order):

Veronica Royale                 Lita Von Sleaze

Eve Hill                                POISON

Sheerah Mae Heartt.         Oliver Personas

Panico.                                Lexi Alexander

Lavender Skyes

All this entertainment is yours for one low low payment of $20 (Plus $1.55 in ticket fees), with a portion of tickets sales going to Wortley Pride so you know you’re not only supporting local drag, but also supporting a grassroots not-for-profit organization! What’s not to love?!


Meet Our Out Of This World Cast!


100% that BTCH, GLXY (Galaxy) is a multi-faceted performer, serving you at least two faces and more personality than any one person ought to have. What she lacks in (body) she makes up for in talent, offering you live vocals, whether you asked for them or not. She is a seasoned emperex of drag, having been in the scene for over five and a half years, and her name is known from Sarnia to Hamilton and that’s probably about it. She is quirky, fun, and she has the smile that launched a thousand ships – straight into an iceberg. She can host, she can sing, she can do the damn thing! She is an emphatic advocate for her community and uses her platform to shed light on current issues and she makes a concerted effort to empower those around her. She’s known by everyone for being versatile, witty, dry but most importantly she’s easy to remember. Seriously, who can forget a name like galaxy? She’s everything you didn’t know you needed and probably more, so come see what she has in store! Available for bookings everywhere, or if you’re in for a scare, say her name three times in the mirror and she might appear with an opinion about your outfit (a service she offers free of charge).

Veronica Royale

Veronica Royale, the daughter of Londons iconic Lita Von Sleaze, is a campy queen with a hint of fish. Bringing comedy and class to the stage you don’t want to miss her. She competed in the TP ball where she won “Miss. royal flush” alongside Disco Jesus Windsor AND she was one of the 2023 Guardian’s Of The Hearts through the Royal Imperial Sovereign Court Of London and South Western Ontario . Don’t miss your chance to see the one and only Veronica Royale.

Lita Von Sleaze

Lita Von Sleaze is the “Mother of the Haus of Sleaze” and is absolutely no stranger to the stage. She is a two time Ms. Pride Pageant London winner and the current reigning Queen of Hearts, two years running. Lita is a singer, dancer and music producer who brings high energy, acrobatics and a variety of acts to the stage. Most known for her impersonations of P!nk and Alaska 5000, Lita is one of London’s top performers and always leaves the crowd begging for more! Her fundraising efforts amount to over $20,000 to date, and she sees no sign of stopping.

Eve Hill

London Ontario’s favourite busty bimbo is here to shake up the scene. Just remember she may look good, but her intentions are Eve Hill.


The prettiest poison you’ll ever see! POISON is a London Legend, and the Matriarc of the Haus of Maverick! Always leaving you gooped and gagged with her stunts and versatility! Now ask yourself, what’s your poison?!

Sheerah Mae Heartt

Sheerah Mae Heartt is one of the newer Queens on the block having performed for three years! She is the original Born and Raised Sarnia Drag Queen! Always bringing her all, get ready for spins, drops, splits and of course a laugh or two! She always commits to bringing you her best performance every time she hits the stage, whether it be a ballad, comedy number or a fun, high energy number! Sheerah is always trying to help support charities and does charity numbers at most all shows she runs! Sheerah was also the most recent winner and recipient of the Drag Empowerment Award 2023 at the Red Carpet Gala Awards Ceremony  in London, Ontario! No matter what, you won’t be able to keep a smile off your face while she’s performing! Sheerah is the Queen that’s going to steal your “Heartt”!

Oliver Personas

Are you ready to experience the PERSONAS? You never know what this drag thing will bring to the stage , or out of their pants. Will they be femme masc or something in between? The only way to know , is to see for yourself.


Born in the depths of a crypt in London, Ontario. Panico Von Sleaze is a ghoulish, shape shifting creature of the night. You never know what form this creature will take. Panico is a mix of glamor, horror and filth with just a pinch cuteness sprinkled in. If your looking for a ghoulish good time then this ghoul is the ghoul for you.

Lexi Alexander 

Noted as London Ontario’s “Ballad Queen of Passion, Joy & Love”

Lexi Alexander strives to provide an elegant performance of songs from the heart that make you feel your inner most feelings and connections of very personal lyrics of the songs that can touch your heart and soul as much as it has her’s. Lexi Alexander believes that we all need to be kind, respectful & loved as well as be as supportive, accepting & be non-judgemental to help make our communities stronger regardless how the choices may not been the choices we have made for ourselves in the past in order to move forward by creating more inclusive & accepting lifestyles for our future generations to live their true authentic selves.

Be kind, be brave, be strong & be loved…..

Lavender Skyes

Lavender Skyes is THE high energy pastel princess of London Ontario. She always brings creativity, versatility, and passion to the stage. Her style can’t be put into one box or one category, as her art continues to grow with her and her ever so supportive and inspiring community. If pastels are your thing, and not just for spring, she’s your girl! 💜

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