Loud & Proud Bursary

The Rainbow Optimist Club Of Southwestern Ontario and U.R. Proud - Productions is proud to announce the Loud & Proud Leadership Bursary!

This bursary is awarded to TWO students from Elgin, Oxford, or Middlesex Counties. One area high school student and one post secondary student will be recognized for their accomplishments and contributions each nominee has maid to the community; whether at home, school, religious institution, athletic or academic team, or another social group. Specifically, the nominees' contributions must include leadership that has supported tolerance, diversity, and acceptance within Elgin, Middlesex and Oxford Counties and the surrounding area's lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and two-spirited people, their supporters, or any community group represented under the diverse Rainbow banner.Consideration will be given to academic performance and personal or financial hardship.

* Students must be continuing their education

* Students must be from Elgin, Middlesex, or Oxford County.

* Two Letters Of Refrence

1) From a teacher/principal/guidance/school personnel

2) Personal reference non-family related

References are to be sent to Rainbowiptimist@gmail.com. Clearly identified in the subject line with your name. all references mys accompany the application via email

* A 2-4 minuet video or 500-word essay.

Submission Deadline is Friday, July 28th, 2023

Each award recipient will receive a certificate/plaque accompanied by a $500.00 financial award to be applied to a post secondary institution for the recipient’s continued education.

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